Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all your items new?
YES. All of them are brand-new and authentic.

2.If the item is defective, is it possible to exchange it with a new one?
YES. We have a 7-day replacement policy, but only for the same item that you've ordered. Day 1 starts from the day that the item is received.

3. Do you deliver nationwide?

4. If I am not at home during the delivery date:
You can arrange for someone to receive the order on your behalf and inform the courier about it.
Our courier will make three delivery attempts before totally cancelling the order and returning it back to the merchant.

5. Return Policy
We respect customer's reason if in case one changes his mind. Product returns and exchanges will not be allowed taking into consideration the agreement our merchants sets for and due to hygienic purposes.
Once item is delivered the item(s) must be checked and must notify our customer service if something is wrong with the item. We have a 7-day replacement policy.

How do I start the return process?
To avail of our Return Policy, please email us at with the following details:

  • Order Number
  • Package Number
  • Waybill Receipt
  • Photo/video of the product/s involved
  • Acknowledgement Receipt
  • Brief description of the issue
  • Photo of the packaging materials used
  • Photo of the Fragile Label

How do I return an item which is nearly expired or is expired?
We make sure from our merchants to inspect the expiry dates before shipping the products, however if this happens please do email us at with the following details and we will be taking action regarding the matter within 24 hours:

  • Order Number
  • Package Number
  • Photo showing the expiration date
  • Products that are purchased under promotion stating the expiration date are exempted

How do I return a defective or incorrect product?
We are sorry to hear this. When this happens please don’t hesitate to reach our customer service or email us along with the photo of the defective or incorrect item received.

When returning the product(s) it has to be unopened and unused so we can have the item replaced. You may also give us a call if you may need to for case-to-case basis condition of the item.

Customer Service 24/7
You may call 0999 747 0401 Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 6pm or drop an email at any time.

6. Order Cancellations:
Select the reason for cancellation

You can send a cancellation request as long as your order has not been shipped and picked up by the courier in which case, cancellation will not be possible.

7. Create/Change your Shipping Information:
Sign in to your account and then edit, remove or add a new shipping address.

Need to change your shipping or change your orders? Change them within 30 minutes after placing your order or at least before the shipping process has begun.

Note: Gailcast doesn’t accept returns for items fulfilled by third party sellers. The seller determines the return policy. You can see specific information per item in Your Orders. If the item you purchased from isn’t returnable per the Gailcast Online Shop return policy, you’ll see a message saying so in Your Orders. If you have a non-returnable item that arrived damaged or defective, you can contact us.