Black Magic Soap

Black Magic Soap

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Distinguishing Feature:

Grapseed extract,grapeseed oil. Multi-fruit acids. Deoxyarbutin.

Black is Whack! Black is Beautifu!!!

How ironic! Our Black magic is our fastest Brightening soap from our classical soap.Collection!!

DULCET skin Black magic Soap is your white and shining armor! One’s future looks so white as this best selling beauty bar removes dead skin surface cells to boost clarity and luminosity. Fade away imperfections and let your inner radiance shine through.


EGF technology- it can repair the epidermis, delay aging, fade scars and speckles, inhibit wrinkles, moisten skin, and minimize pores by improving the texture and condition of the skin.

Multi fruit acids- loosens the skin cells and provides even exfoliation to help cell turnover. 

Deoxyarbutin - the latest ingredient in skin brightening! It safely lightens away dark spots,blemishes, freckles and melasma for renewed skin clarity and effective hyper pigmentation correction.


  • Lather beauty bar on wet skin
  • Can be used on face and body
  • Leave in product for 2 minutes for optimal effect
  • Expect a slight tingling or prickly sensation
  • Rinse thoroughly with water