Cialor Beauty Glow Collagen Smoothie

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Beauty Glow Collagen Smoothie

Beauty and nourishment in one delicious glass! Beauty Glow Collagen Smoothie is made with a natural
blend of Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, our quality superfood and Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates both skin
and the body’s joint. Sip on this delicious and protective drink to leave your skin glowing and brightened,
ready for the day ahead.

Benefits of using Beauty Glow Collagen Smoothie
✔️ It promotes healthier, more Supple Skin.
✔️ It will make you Glow Naturally.
✔️ It will brightened your skin.
✔️ It is anti-aging.
✔️ It helps you to improve Quality of Sleep.
✔️ It makes your hair healthy.
✔️It will make your Bones and Nails stronger.
✔️It hydrates both skin and body’s joint.
✔️It will boost your Immune System.
✔️It helps you to improve Mental Focus.
✔️It will improve skin elasticity.
✔️It soothe Acid Reflux.
✔️It helps to relieve joint pain.
✔️It helps to reduce Oxidative Stress.
Recommended usage: 1-2 sachets per day 
Best time to take before bedtime
*If you want to aid weight gain it is best to take during meal time.