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Colla-mieh a 700php/bottle with 100 chewable bears collagen that can make your skin healthy. It is a collagen with anti-aging and has faster effect because of hydrolyzed marine collagen & placenta that is present in every chewable tablet. Revealing the product that can help you age gracefully! Simulan mo alagaan ang skin mo habang may time ka pa para sa iyong pagtanda yung skin mo mukha pa din pang-y0ung and heålthy! Colla-mieh is also good for your skin. It makes you glow more and repairs tissue.
Here's what colla-mieh can do for you! 100 chewable tablets that is healthy for your skin and bones! Collagen for your stronger nails. Colla-mieh is formulated to eliminate back acne aside from the acnes from our face. We need to have a better understanding on the products that we use, especially those products that we take orally. 😊 Collagen Meaning col·la·gen /ˈkäləjən/ noun the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues, widely used in purified form for cosmetic surgical treatments. Collagen capsules / tablets - when taken are being dissolved as amino acids in which we can get from eating protein-rich foods such as beef, chicken, fish etc. (tama naman po yun) pero ang sabi, ikain nalang kesa gumastos pa for collagen hehe. 😊 Okay naman yun, but yung amount ng collagen na needed mo pag nasa capsule o tableta na yan mas accurate at mas mababantayan mo ang intake, when you take beef for example ilan ba dun ang fats? and collagen na mabbreakdown as amino acid? 😊 Magmath ka muna siz charet hehe 🤣 and to my knowledge, ang hydrolyzed marine collagen ay mas mabilis ang epekto dahil nabroken down na ito into particles na mas madali naaabsorb ng katawan natin. ❤️ Collagen is good for the skin, nails, hair, bones. Pero meron na pong products ngayon such as Colla-mieh na yung collagen tablets ay may additional ingredient to support the collagen build up and may other benefits din such as anti-aging, boosts skin hydration hehe. 😊 So basically po, kapag bibili kayo ng collagen tignan nyo din supplement facts. Di porke't collagen tablets po collagen lang ang pwedeng laman hehe. I'm taking this collagen. ❤️ And it helped me heal my wound asap. 😊 This is my POV as a brand owner, since inaaral po ang products bago po ito i-market.

Colla-mieh. 700php 1 bottle of hydrolyzed marine collagen with placenta that helps maintain a glowing skin, stronger hair and nails + helps remove back acne.