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Elixir Placenta, a stem cell therapy in a capsule. Made from New Zealand deer placenta, it combines the benefits of stem cell therapy, DNA therapy, and anti-inflammatory therapy in one soft gel capsule.

Stem cells are known as the body’s raw materials. Under the right conditions, these cells can regenerate and replace damaged cells. Stem cell therapy has been known to effectively treat several illness but unfortunately, the treatment can be very expensive.

The combination of stem cell therapy, DNA therapy, and anti-inflammatory therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart attack, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and other chromic diseases. The anti-aging supplement also promotes cell growth and boost immunity.

Gfoxx Elixir Placenta contains 14 high-quality ingredients – New Zealand deer placenta, Angelica Sinesis, grape and olive extract, D-Ribose, yeast extract, Squalene oil, MCT, fermented red ginseng, rice bran oil, sea buckthorn oil, Rhodiola Rosea, Black currant seed oil, Fenugreek and Nigela seed oil.


An Advanced Nutraceutical Supplement that promotes:
▶Cell Regeneration
▶Supports the repair of damaged cells
▶Delays the aging process
▶Helps to achieve optimum level of maintenance for general well being.

•Amino Acids •Stem Cells •Growth Factors •Transfer Factors •Antioxidants •Vitamins and Minerals •Enzymes

▶Produced in a natural, uncontaminated, following strict quality control company in New Zealand
▶Follows freeze dried method to preserve essential content of deer placenta.
▶Undergone enteric coating using beeswax for acidic resistant capsulation.

▶New Zealand Food Safety Authority Approved
▶Health Sciences Authority Certificate
▶Good Manufacturing Practice Factory
HACCP Certified
▶Does Not Contain Heavy Metal or Hormones

7 Great Benefits For Youthful Skin:
• Visibly reduces appearance of deep wrinkles by activating the production of collagen.
• Reinforces elastin which allows the skin to bounce back and reshape itself
• Lightens age spots by inhibiting overproduction and oxidation of melanin.
• Protects skin from further sun exposure damage and hastens wound healing.
• Regulates sebum production, corrects skin blemishes and refine open pores.
• Promotes healthy hair growth and nourishment.
• Restores skin radiance and glow.