Epedermirm Wish Pink Micropeeling Emulsion by PSPH Beauty

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Product details of Epiderm Wish Pink Micropeeling Emulsion by PSPH Beauty 

  • Most effective and fastest way para pumuti at mawala ang peklat.
  • Lightens stretchmarks too.
  • Procedure: 3 coats, best time: at night before bed
  • Steps: 1. First coat, pahanginan (15 mins). 2. After 15 mins, 2nd coat (same quantity as the first coat, leave until it penetrates the skin). 3. 3rd coat (same quantity as first and second coat, leave as it dries on your skin). This procedure must be done twice a month and at its best result together witb PSPH Beauty's Rainbow Dust and Whisk It 2-in-1 Power Set.
  • One of my routines in life is body peeling and exfoliating! That's why sabi ko why not launch my very own holy grail routine?☺Ginagawa ko 'to for years na. Maraming taon na and NOW I want to share to you the most effective and fastest way para mawala ang peklat at pagpapaputi sa buong katawan mula katawan hanggang paa☺✨EPIDERMWISH✨Pink Micropeeling EmulsionName History: Epiderm from the word Epidermis (outer layer of the skin) Wish (strong desire or hope for something impossible)Emulsion is a gel-like consistency, very light weight unlike thick lotions.Now this product makes your Epidermis' wish possible. Cos here at PSPH BEAUTY,We are ✨The Ultimate Skin Game Changer✨