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  • Contains MICRO-EXFOLIATING ingredients that remove dead skin.
    • with Oil and Pimple Control formula and it also Neutralizes free radicals.
    • with Exfoliating, Skin Lightening, Brightening and Depigmentation effect.
    • Promotes Firm and Youthful looking skin.
    • Reduces pores and Strengthens the skin barrier by Thickening the Dermis.
    • with Derma Blend Technology.
    • Deeply Hydrates skin overnight.
    • Stimulates skin Regeneration and Revive cells to wake up with Fresh and Revitalized skin.
    • RECOMMENDED FOR: Oily skin and Acne prone skin.
    • Suggests to partner with Etre Collagen Boost cream
    • Comes with Exfolite soap, Day Crème, Overnite Mask and Exfolite toner
  • During this pandemic, there was a widespread anxiety and depression, stress was high and many have faced the challenges of adjusting and insecurities consumed almost everyone which lead to one thing - a lack of
    confidence. People shift their attention and focused on themselves, on self-love rather than the outside issues, People wanted to feel good. They found solace in health, wellness and beauty. Cellrenu are for those who have oily skin and acne prone skin. Etre products are FDA approved and is safe to use.