Fit n' Glow Coffeeslim by Skintouch

Fit n' Glow Coffeeslim by Skintouch

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by Skintouch
10 sachets X 21grams


Capuccino - 100% arabica coffee, Glutathione, Garcinia Cambodia, Collagen, & Chia Seeds.
Machiatto -

Nothing makes it more enjoyable than Coffeeslim Capuccino. It gives you the experience of an original. Italian mixing of coffee and non-diary milk that extends its maximum taste.

Coffeeslim Cappuccino packed with fondness of ground coffee, plus the foamy mix made easy to blend that greatly suffices for a better milky-coffee taste - capuccinno.

Give yourself an Italian treat with Coffeeslim Capuccino real taste - enjoy the full advantage of a tastier coffee and the healthier benefits of being Fit and Glow in every sip of coffeeslim Cappuccino.

Ingredients: Coffee, Non-dairy Creamer, Stevia, Capuccino Flavor, Glutathione, Collagen, L-carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, Chia seeds, Inulin Fiber, Psyllium Husk.

1.Empty sachet to a mug.
2.Pour 150-250ml hot water.
3.Stir well untill fully dissolved
4.Best fit n' glow. Enjoy!

Keep the product in a clean and cool temperature to avoid melting of content at 30 degree celsius.

Expiry November 25, 2023
Percent RENI Values based on FNRI PDRI 2015
Reference male adult requirement 19-29 years old.

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