K Glass Glowing Skin

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Milky gluta berry collagen

K-glass glowing skin soap

The stunning smell of this premium glass glowing skin by k will wash away your daily problem as you loosen up in a warm bath enjoying the rich creamy lather of milky berry gluta collagen bar.

It comes with blended essential oils which are carefully selected to ensure the expertise in combating free radicals, cleansing deep, seated dirt, minimizing large pores, and exfoliating the skin.

It will definitely remove dead skin, clear blemishes without aggravating your skin with the goodness of shea butter that protects skin from harmful uv rays and retains moisture even after bathe.

The milky gluta berry collagen bar promises the luxurious way in pampering your skin, making it brighter and radiantly younger looking with a glass glowing skin effect.
Experience the luxurious way of bathing today!