LJ Skin Essence Intense Whitening Facial Set

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🎀It helps you to prevent or a treatment of severe cases of melasma, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.
🎀Eliminate acne-causing bacteria
🎀Remove dead skin cells
🎀Helps you to lighten up your acne marks and of course it will makes you younger and fresh looking.
Remember this things:
🛍Don't apply the micropeeling soap directly to your face. Make your own bubble using your hands then apply it.
🛍Put a 2-3 drops of Intense whitening toner on your cotton.
🛍Don't rub the cotton too much on your face.
🛍Apply a little amount of cream and spread it quickly but be gentle.
🛍Apply a Sunscreen Cream 20 minutes before sun exposure and as much as needed.
🛍Avoid direct sun exposure.
🛍When you feel itchy avoid scratching and it's normal it means this product works on you.
🛍Avoid peeling it yourself. Let the product do it by itself because its the products job.