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Product Description

Must Glow Premium Collagen Glutathione Juice Drink with Oral Sunblock! Mixed Berries Flavor with real berry extracts that contains real fruit health benefits

1 Pouch that includes 10 sachets x 20 mg of berry goodness sweetened with Stevia!
All natural, lactose free with no sugar added!
💜 PREPARATION: Empty one sachet of Must Glow Collagen Juice in a 150ml of cold water. Stir until powder is dissolved and add ice for more refreshment.

With 11 ingredients to help you achieve the new and glowing you!
💜 MARINE COLLAGEN – Helps delay some signs of aging like wrinkles, joint issues and weakness.
💜 L GLUTATHIONE – For liver, heart disease & alcohol use disorder.
💜 SODIUM ASCORBATE – An antioxidant that helps keep your cells healthy and from damages.
💜 PROBIOTICS – May influence your body immune response.
💜 FERNBLOCK – Protects skin cells and increases collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin which our body needs.
💜 STEVIA – Safer and healthier, can be a substitute to sweeten up food or drinks without any negative effects in our body such as calorie intake, blood sugar level & risk of tooth cavities.
💜 ACAI BERRY EXTRACT – Can reduce swelling, lower blood sugar levels & stimulate the immune system.
💜 GOJI BERRY EXTRACT – Protects our eyesight, provides immune system support, protects against cancer, promotes healthy skin, improves depression, anxiety and prevent liver damage.
💜 STRAWBERRY EXTRACT – Reduces UV damage, puffy eye treatment, oil control & removes skin dark spots.
💜 RASPBERRY EXTRACT – Helps prevent your skin repair and block the direct heat of the sun (Oral sunblock).
💜 BLUEBERRY EXTRACT – Rich in vitamins, source of pro-retinol and omega 9, protects against oxidative stress, helps the collagen to get boost, calms and soothes acne & improves body circulation.