Namiroseus Kyoto Premium Blend Slimming Coffee

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Namiroseus Kyoto Premium Blend Coffee -Include Kyoto Coffee in your weight loss journey, a premium slimming coffee formulated with high quality ingredients and actives. It helps body to convert fats into energy faster, hunger, gastric ulcer and mood and general well-being. This drink also protects body cells and has vitamins and minerals that fights bacteria, viruses and illnesses. Kyoto coffee is made with real and natural extracts that give authentic and irresistable delicious taste. ✅Super creamy and frothy ✅Mas pinasarap (try it, check out na) ✅No caffeine content (still recommended for BF moms) ✅No chia seeds (goods na goods for those na ayaw na may chia seeds) ✅Sweet! (still zero sugar, stevia ang gamit) ✅Appetite Suppressant & Metabolism Booster ✅Regulates bowel movement Effective for Weightloss, Whitening & Anti -aging Ingredients: Chitossan L Carnitine Garcinia Cambodia Serpentina Extract Reduced L Glutathione Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Sakura Extract ❤️ Lasang hahanap hanapin at babalik balikan ❤️ SRP350 / 10 sachets per box

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