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Reliv Now for Kids can help your family bridge the nutritional gap. Essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients give growing bodies what they need to thrive. Advanced ingredients boost energy and mental performance. And LunaRich, Reliv's epigenetic superfood, maximizes the documented health benefits of soy. It’s much more than just another cartoon vitamin pill. Give your kids a head start on a healthy life. Ideal for children ages 2–12. Choose from two kid-pleasing flavors. It is safe to all ages,12 years above can also take it,even seniors can take it too. - imported from u.s.a A nutritional supplement for kids especially for those who have slower mental development. This milk came from soy milk which is lactose free, because its protein made from plants. Most of the infant milk today are derived from cow's milk which is not suitable for those having lactose intolerance. Additionally, cow’s milk contains a protein called casein. This particular protein is known to cause problems for some people such as the worsening of allergy symptoms, an increase in mucous and problems with the immune system. This is why a recommendation is often made to decrease milk consumption in children who experience frequent ear infections colds, or chronic bronchitis. Additionally, children with asthma or sinus conditions are also told not to drink milk because of the problems associated with this protein. However, protein is still needed for a child’s body to grow and function properly. This is where the substitution of soy milk for cow’s milk comes into the picture. A recent finding according to the National Institute of Health and Nutrition located in Japan, states that soy protein can aid in the lowering of cholesterol in the blood. #relivmilk #benefitsofrelivmilk