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Omnifresh Plus Antibacterial Soap and Cream
Total solution for skin problem
An Organic-PH balanced Antibacterial Soap and Cream composing of multiple amino acids which helps alleviate the symptoms of acute and chronic skin diseases.(safe for babies)
Omnifresh Plus Cream is 30ml
Omnifresh Plus Soap is 90 grams
Para sa uri ng mga sakit sa balat:
* eczema
* psoriasis
* an-an
* alipunga
* acne/pimples
* rashes
* ringworm
* psoriasis
* seborrheic eczema/ dermatitis
* skin asthma
* diaper rash
* contact dermatitis
* ringworm
* impetigo
* rashes from allergic reaction
* rashes from bacterial and fungal infection etc.