PSPH BEAUTY Sorce Hair Wizz and Frizz Hair Treatment

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Product Description

PSPH Beauty Sorce Hair 30 min. Miracle 2-in-1 FRIZZ + WIZ Treatment With FREE Shower Cap Inside DIY HAIR TREATMENT SYSTEM ✨ SORCE HAIR DIY HAIR TREATMENT ✨ For: •Bleached Hair •Frizzy Hair •Split ends •Dull hair •Dry hair •Greasy hair Directions:: A simple 2 step weekly hair treatment that will revive dry and frizzy hair. It works great on my colored and wavy, thick hair. Sorcehair has a FRIZZ SHAMPOO 100 ML and a WIZ TREATMENT 100 ML + comes with a free shower cap. 👉🏻Wash your hair with the frizz shampoo, dry, blow dry, air dry. 👉🏻Apply the wiz treatment on dry hair, leave it on for 30 minutes then gently rinse and leave a lil of the product to your hair. Blow dry and style.