PSPH Cuppacopi Slimming frothy Coffee

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CUPPACOPI FROTHY COFFEE (15 SACHETS) ☕️ An intense appetite suppresant that can control your eating habits ☕️ Non-acidic, just fantastic😉 ☕️ Lose weight and slim down with our luxury blend of delicious frothy coffee. Ingredients: ☕Arabica Coffee ☕Green Coffee ☕Green Tea ☕Aloe Vera ☕L-carnitine ☕Garcinia Cambogia ☕ Mangosteen ☕Barley ☕Guarana ☕Korean Ginseng ☕Reduced L-Gl.uta.thione ☕ Hydrolyzed marine colla.gen ☕Non-dairy creamer ☕Stevia ✅No hilo ✅No asim sa tyan ✅No palpitation ✅No aning aning ✅No di mapakali ✅No LBM ✅No pururut YES TO PAWIS AND NO FOOD CRAVINGS THAT CAN SUPPORT YOUR INTERMITTENT FASTING HABITS! Yes! Kaya kang i-hold ng kape at diktahan ang katawan mo na ayaw mong kumain!🔥