Sakura Instawhite Lotion and Soap Set by Namiroseus

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Sakura Instawhite Set is the perfect combination to achieve a whiter and glowy skin.
Sakura Instawhite Lotion promotes an instawhite effect with glitters.You can also use this as sunblock because of its Spf 60 as protection from UV rays. It helps to hydrate, protect and soothe your skin and helps to even out your dull skin.
Sakura Instawhite Soap is a natural soap that can deeply cleanse your skin to remove dirt and excess oil. It helps to lighten skin impurities such as dead skin cells, bacteria, clogged pores and scars.
This set will whiten your skin and improve skin's elasticity. The lotion has SPF 60 - it is infused with soothing botanicals, skin nourishers and antioxidants to help hydrate, replenish, protect and soothe your skin. The soap - with gold dust exfoliates the skin leaving it with more healthy skin. Lotion - upgraded to 250ml Soap - 100g
💕 GOOD for one month or two usage depende sa paggamit ninyo. 💕 With SPF 65, sun protection kaya kahit medyo babad sa init hindi kayo lalo iitim. 💕 Soap - ibabad ng 1-2 mins bago banlawan, Kung kaya mas matagal as much as 5mins mas okay kasi mas maaabsorb ng skin. 💕 Lotion instant whitening ito - washable sya pero hindi OA na maaalis lahat. When continuous usage talagang puputi kasi may streaks na naiiwan sa balat na naaabsorb. 💕 Breastfeeding? Pregnant? Underage? - YES pwede gumamit. Safe because we mostly use organic ingredients. 💕 Laboratory production. Hindi gawang bahay lang, kaya siguradong malinis at with FDA license to operate from manuf.