Salveo Barley Grass 2 +3 Salveo Jars

Salveo Barley Grass 2 +3 Salveo Jars

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Product details of Salveo Barley Grass Powder Jar 180g / 100% Organic 

  • grown in a clean and pollution-free environment in a location called Swan Hil Victoria in Australia
  • The plantation itself where it is grown is ORGANIC and certified by NASAA (no chemicals, no pesticides)
  • harvested at a young age and at a perfect time where the barley grass are high in nutritional contents
  • produced by the leading and the largest organic manufacturer of clean and pure natural nutritional products in Australia
  • the producer uses a special low-temperature drying technology to preserve the nutrients of barley grass during the powdering process Lahat po ng process documented at certified.
  • The Barley itself is Halal certified in Australia. Each capsule contains 100% of this Australian barley grass and is placed in blister packs for ultimate freshness.