Skin Reborn Micellar Cleansing toner

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Product Description

SKIN REBORN MICELLAR CLEANSING TONER removes make-up extra dirt. It soothes and hydrates your skin too. SKIN REBORN MOISTURIZING CREAM leaves your skin hydrated for 24hours and it makes your skin smooth and healthy How to Apply Skin Reborn Micellar Toner 1. Before applying Micellar Toner always wash your face with Skin Reborn Kojic Soap 2. Pour Generously. Saturate a cotton pad with Skin Reborn Micellar Toner 3. Press Firmly. Dab the wet cotton pad onto your skin before wiping lightly. No harsh rubbing needed. 4. See Results Instantly. Remove the pad to reveal clean, refreshed skin. No rinsing required. How to apply Skin Reborn Moisturizer 1. Place the required amount of moisturizer in your hand. 2. Dab some moisturizer onto specific parts of your face. 3. Spread the moisturizer around the rest of your face. 4. Allow the moisturizer to dry before applying Skin Reborn Sunblock (for day) or rejuv night cream (for night).