Strawberry Cherry Blossoms Beauty Latte

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🌸Strawberry Cherry Blossom Beauty Latte🍓✨pink café latte enriched with 17 extracts for skin, body and hair glow up!
💗 sugar-free, 0% fat, and low-calorie!
☕️creamy, smooth and milky pink café latte with healthy extracts but with NO after taste! Our Strawberry Cherry Blossom Beauty Latte promotes:
radiant, blooming & glowing skin
♡ good digestion
♡ helps you to keep in shape
♡ healthy hair and nails
♡ good sleep at night
♡ appetite control
♡ soft and smooth skin
Pink na coffee marami pang benefits?!
Very intriguing! 💗
♡Garcinia Cambogia
♡Sakura Flowers Extract
♡Vitamin C
♡Vitamin E
♡Strawberry Extract
♡Goji Berry Extract
♡Mangosteen Extract
♡Malunggay Extract
♡Lingon Berry Extract
♡Pineapple Extract
♡Ampalaya Extract
♡Barley Grass Powder
The nutrient-rich blend of beauty and spring! 🍓🌸
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