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Introducing HEPASIL DTX a great nutrition for your liver! This product is clinically tested to support the liver detoxification process.

Benefits of Hepasil DTX:
1. Strengthens the liver cells outer membranes to help prevent damaging toxins from penetrating the liver.
2. Neutralizes liver cell damage caused by toxins.
3. Delays progression of fatty liver.
4. Prevent Cirrhosis and Gallstones.
5. Increased Glutathione more than 10% and Antioxidants more than 60%.

BONUS: It also cuts BELLY FATS!

The liver is one of the largest and most complex organs in the body. Besides aiding digestion, distributing nutrients, and producing important proteins, the liver works non-stop to clean the blood by removing harmful substances from it.
The Hepasil DTX™ supplement supplies important nutrients that support the liver and balance the detoxification processes within the body.
Who to Share With
✔People whose lifestyle (e.g. heavy alcohol consumption) places extra stress on their liver
✔People whose liver health is a priority
Why USANA's Hepasil DTX
✔Hepasil DTX provides high-quality milk thistle extract to stimulate liver enzymes while protecting it against oxidative damage.
✔It includes an array of antioxidants from green tea, olive,and turmeric for further liver protection.
✔️Expose to radiation,
✔It is effective,safe, and manufactured to pharmaceutical quality.