Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The "Gailcast Online Shop" corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy reflects the company's core values and corporate culture and is mirrored in our daily operations and relationships with all our stakeholders.

Company Values

Service — We strive to provide top class service to everyone we interact with at all levels of the business be it external or internal. Good, reliable service is the greatest value we can add to every transaction.

Responsible — We differentiate ourselves by empowering our team, from the top of the organization down, to make decisions they are fully responsible for, which in turn ensures everyone strives to deliver their best effort at all times.

Innovative — We are not afraid to try different things and endeavor to go beyond the norm to provide a memorable experience for everyone that we engage with. Technology development is a core strategy we employ to constantly grow and evolve our business.

Family — We are a family business that understands the importance of strong personal relationships. Everyone in our business is equally as important and are always treated as part of our family.

Teamwork — We work together towards a common goal helping each other and the company achieve their respective goals. Our people are encouraged to achieve their personal goals and in turn help the people we deal with achieve theirs.

Customer Focused — We do all we can to exceed customer expectations by providing high levels of value and service, while building and maintaining customer relationships ensuring long term satisfaction.

Integrity — We will always conduct business to the highest ethical standards doing what we believe is the right thing and honoring our commitments. We treat everyone fairly with trust and respect and take responsibility for our actions.

Company Culture

Gailcast Online Shop has a team oriented culture where all team members are committed to helping one another achieve their individual goals. All team members work together to ensure the company vision is upheld. Gailcast Online Shop team members enjoy the work they do, wish to make a worthwhile contribution to society and enjoy interacting with other team members and customers.

CSR Policy is committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Following are our specific commitments to our corporate social responsibility:


We respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and are committed to providing a working environment which is both safe and fit for its intended purpose and wages that provide a sustainable living standard. We are guided by both an aim to be an employer of choice and our core value of treating all employees as part of the family. All employees are encouraged to take responsibility for setting and achieving their personal and professional goals, as well as working as a team to help others realize their goals.


We seek to provide our customers with a service that is hallmarked by integrity, quality products, timeliness and excellent customer service. Additionally, our compliance with the governing laws of each country we service and international security standards, ensure that our customers' online shopping experience is safe, secure and competitively priced. With our core value of being customer focused we strive to exceed customer expectations and develop long term relationships with our valued customers.


We regard every and all service and product providers we work with, as our partners, working with them to help us achieve our mutual aspirations in the delivery of our products and services. Specifically, the team at Gailcast Online Shop is committed to helping our partners increase their income stream. There are no hidden fees for our partners and operates with a 100% transparency policy with all of our partner service and product providers.


We recognize our responsibility to build a positive difference to the communities where we operate and strive to be a good corporate citizen. Besides contributing to local charities and community events, our team members are also encouraged to volunteer and become active in the community. Following are some of the charities that Gailcast Online Shop and our team have benefited recently:



Gailcast Online Shop is committed to a program of management and improvement of our direct and indirect impact on the world in which we live. To that goal we are working toward sustainability in our offices with a maximum level of recycling and waste reduction.