Sanso Oxygen Mask Solution Moisture Boost 120 ML

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-       Your DIY beauty mask that is made from all natural cellulose which prevents the oxygen water from fast evaporation, thus, allowing better absorption of dissolved oxygen into our skin for skin hydration and protection.

-       Sanso is dermatologically tested to reduce the number of acne eruptions in mild to moderate acne.

-       Using Sanso regularly also gives significant reduction in the number of comedones (white or dark bumps on the skin that make skin rough) in three weeks’ time.

-       A must-have routine before bedtime or before applying makeup, Sanso helps hydrate, brighten, and repair your dull and tired skin. Sanso refreshes your skin every day so that you can flaunt that beautiful radiance.

-       Sanso is a healing and rejuvenating face mask that utilizes oxygen to penetrate deep into the pores and gently exfoliate dead skin cells. The result is soft, silky, smooth skin. If you have overactive sebaceous gland, you can use this daily to reduce breakouts. Sanso is also great for acne-prone skin.

-       No adverse reaction, NO burning sensation, NO stinging, NO itching, NO dryness in long term use of Sanso.

-       Sanso is used before bedtime or before applying makeup. It helps minimize the appearance of pores that’s why skin is smooth right after Sanso.

-       Once applied on the skin, let it dry by itself. Be sure to dispose the sheet properly. Sanso sheet is for single use only.

OVERALL, Top-O and Sanso help prevent skin dryness and itching. They do not irritate skin, rather they work well with any type of skin. They don’t contain alcohol to cleanse the skin since Oxygen itself is a mild antibacterial. They are skin-friendly and work well in insect bites and redness, minor cuts and burns. They are both well tolerated by the skin and even safe to use by babies.